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Vascular lesions are the result of vessels forming directly under the skin. Because vascular lesions are visible underneath the skin, they often cause a cosmetic concern. Common vascular lesions include broken capillaries, rosacea, port-wine stains, hemangiomas and cherry angiomas. Unfortunately, these lesions will not go away on without treatment. However, they do respond quite well to laser and light-based therapy.

Many common vascular lesions are quite easy to treat and results can be seen quickly. As a leader in the cosmetic laser industry, Alma Lasers offers practitioners advanced options to safely and effectively treat vascular lesions.

Technology and treatment options for pigmented lesions by Alma Lasers:

  • Advanced Flourescence Technology (AFT): Next generation Intense
  • Pulsed Light (IPL) only by Alma Lasers. Found on Harmony XL PRO,
  • Harmony Lite and Beauty Rejuve, Learn more about AFT here.
  • Dye-VL: Combines the effectiveness of pulsed dye technology with the safety and versatility of intense pulsed light.
  • Long Pulse 1064nm Nd:YaGg: Long pulse duration effectively treats deep veins while avoiding superficial damage.

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