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Honoring Great Providers

Alma Lasers is proud to honor Dr. Amber Bockneck in this month’s Practitioner Spotlight.

Dr. Bocknek practices in the Glenway Area of Newmarket, Ontario where she’s earned her place as the provider of choice.

As well as being a trusted provider, Dr. Bocknek is a sought-after speaker at numerous industry events. Known for going above and beyond, she keeps a full schedule of appearances and generously shares her clinical and practice expertise with audiences of seasoned pros and newcomers.

Dr. Bocknek also strives to educate patients, giving them the inside knowledge they need to choose a provider and achieve their aesthetic goals. The video on the right showcase one of Dr. Amber’s educational series about skin resurfacing.

The industry as a whole benefits from Dr. Bocknek’s relentless commitment to education and excellence. We understand why her patients rely on her and seek her out. We are deeply proud to call her our partner, luminary, and friend.

About Alma’s Practitioner Spotlight

Every day, many of our partners in the US and Canada go above and beyond the call of duty.

Providers consistently find ways to give back to their community. The same fearless professionals routinely share their knowledge with others, generously giving up their time and hard earned pearls of wisdom. All the while, they give their patients their best work and exceed expectations.

It’s fair to say that these are the most passionate providers in the business, all of whom fuel their enthusiasm with a deep well of clinical knowledge and rigorous study.

We are ecstatic to have so many exceptional professionals in our network. The Practitioner Spotlight is one small way of honoring them and saying thanks. If you’re featured here, you’ve made the industry shine brighter.

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