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Over 50 – and Still Fabulous

One’s 50th birthday is a glorious milestone.

There’s something about seeing so many candles squeezed onto a cake that changes us in a near-mystical way. Our fondest memories deepen and become even sweeter. A few regrets are bound to appear, making us wiser for the rest of our days.

Upon reaching the mid-century mark, the terrors of one’s 20s and early 30s are long behind us. So is most of the stress of starting a career while balancing a young family. At this stage of life, we’re avoiding youthful drama as if it’s the plague.

Instead, we’re savoring all of the things that make life sweet; doting on our partner or a beloved grandchild, spending a day lounging in a favorite, faraway place, or learning new skills simply because they ignite our ambitions and passions in a way we haven’t felt for a while.

Fifty and beyond, we learn, is a great place to be in life.

Unfortunately, we also have a few age related issues to contend with, namely crow’s feet shooting from our eyes, a fence of deep wrinkles in our foreheads, and cheeks taking on a slightly craggy, worn out appearance.

Below the neck, things can be just as troubling. Our once lean arms and legs have a tendency to flap around a bit, resembling an old sweatshirt. Our muscles weaken just as quickly as our middle softens and expands, making our pants difficult to zip.

With this said, it’s our pleasure to welcome Fab Over Fifty to our extended family.


FOF is a popular online destination celebrating the lives of those who’ve celebrated their 50th birthday and remain committed to living a meaningful life in every way. In the days to come, FOF will experience JuVaShape Ultra Face & Body Treatments with Alma’s technology and share every aspect of the journey.

Check back soon for highlights and, remember, every day is what you make it, no matter your age.


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