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Project Description

Bring Harmony to
Your Practice

  • Customizable Platform – Choose the technologies that make the most sense for your practice
  • Expandable & Upgradable – “Plug & Play” handpieces allow your Harmony to grow with the demands of your practice
  • Fast Return On Investment – One affordable device combines the most in-demand treatments to help you achieve your ROI
  • No Consumables – Harmony can help you reach your break-even point faster, improve your per-treatment margin and overall ROI

Harmony XL PRO

Alma Harmony combines a full spectrum of aesthetic
indications, advanced technologies and excellent clinical
results to create complete aesthetic harmony.

  • Multi-Application Platform
  • Clinically Proven in Extensive Clinical Studies
  • Expandable and Upgradeable
  • Over 65 FDA-Cleared Indications
  • Plug & Play Software
  • No Disposables
HA09171501 Rev. B
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