Maximum Results – Maximum Comfort – Minimal Risk

Alma created Advanced Fluorescence Technology™, (AFT) to benefit the most important person in the treatment room – the patient.

Welcomed as the next generation of Intense Pulsed Light, (IPL) AFT converts unused short-wavelength light into the usable spectrum.

The conversion increases emission and penetration into the treatment area and allows for lower fluence to be used.

The lower energy minimizes the chances of unwanted adverse events associated with traditional IPL and helps maximize patient comfort.

Equally Distributed Fluence

With AFT, every pulse has a uniform energy density. The peaks and valleys that can cause pain and adverse events are eliminated.

The spot sizes, rapid pulse times and other proprietary advances such as SPEED™ and IN-Motion™ can help providers shorten treatment times without sacrificing results.

The innovation creates a more efficient system for clinical improvements, helping providers achieve superior results on a predictable and repeatable basis.

The end result is an ideal outcome with maximum comfort and minimal risk.

Exclusive to Alma Lasers

AFT Technology is exclusive to Alma Lasers products and utilized in a variety of modules featuring the most necessary wavelength for an aesthetic professional. Both cooled and non-cooled modules are available.

Whether addressing tone, pigment, sun spots, redness, fine lines, texture irregularities or other issues, AFT is the cornerstone technology that gives providers around the world the ability to predictably achieve desire results.

AFT technology requires no disposables, helping providers achieve a faster breakeven and improve their ROI all while exceeding patient expectations.


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