REJUVE is a highly effective skin rejuvenation solution, used successfully in over 6500 clinics worldwide.
    • 10 years of clinically proven effectiveness
    • Portable system, for maximum mobility and flexibility.
    • Intuitive, user friendly 15.6” color touch screen.
    • Easy to operate, with a quick learning curve.
    • Long-life of disposable applicators, for higher ROI and maximized investment



Skin rejuvenation
vascular lesions
Hair removal
Muscles and Joints Pain Relief
Skin Laxity


Dye-PL™ technology

Precision for Clear-Cut Results for Pigmented and Vascular Lesions
Dye-PL™ technology (Dye pulsed light) harnesses light energy from a very precise narrow band spectrum, for accurate treatments. It is as effective as laser treatment, with the safety, versatility and cost of pulsed light. Using a narrow band filter to limit the wavelength range for optimal absorption by the melanin, hemoglobin and oxyhemoglobin. The selective destruction (photothermolysis) of these chromophores removes the appearance of pigmented lesions and vascular lesions.
Dye-VL 500-600 nm for Light Skin
Dye-SR 550-650 nm for Dark skin
Dye treatments can be performed via a stationary delivery method or using the In-motion™ technique for gradual heat build-up, and increased client comfort.

AFT™ Technology

Optimal Usage. Optimal Efficacy. Hair removal
Dye-PL technology is based on Alma’s AFT™ (Advanced Fluorescence Technology), an advanced form of IPL. AFT offers more efficient energy usage per pulse, increased safety, extended applicator lifetime and enhanced clinical results.
AFT converts unused UV light to the optimal spectrum for more effective treatment.


The combination of Alma’s exclusive Dye-PL and AFT technologies targets all layers of hyperpigmentation, including dark skin, and all types of pigmented and vascular lesions.



Speed AFT

SHR hair removal technology

Wavelength 700-950 nm, spot size 6.4 cm2



For dark skin
Wavelength 450-600 nm, spot size 3 cm²



For light skin
Wavelength 500-600 nm, spot size 3 cm²

Additional power NIR technology


High power NIR technology

Tightening and contouring for body and face

This applicator enables easy delegation to staff, and has no pulse limits or operating costs.

Pulsed Nir, spot size 6 cm2

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