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The first and only device of its kind to bring together three powerful energies, in a unique combination that delivers unparalleled results, with significantly reduced downtime.  Offering limitless options and ultimate control going far beyond standard fractional laser, Alma HybridTM enables you to determine every aspect of the treatment – for a completely new, never-before-seen concept in skin rejuvenation and scar treatment.

Alma-Hybrid 2021 Award Winner

Alma Hybrid Platform by Alma, a Sisram Medical company, Wins 2021 Gold Award for Industrial and Life Science Medical/Scientific Machinery Design



A winning combination

Designed for a wide range of ablative, non-ablative and thermal treatments, Alma HybridTM combines the power of three core energies, creating a uniquely synergistic effect.

CO2 laser – the optimal blend of ablative, coagulative and thermal effect for efficient, highly-precise focus or fractional laser treatments.


1570nm laser – a powerful non-ablative modulated fiber laser which creates a thermal effect that promotes new dermis synthesis while leaving the epidermis intact.


IMPACT for Trans Epidermal Delivery (TED) – our patented ultrasound technology, which overcomes the forces of intracellular fluid produced by the skin to deliver pharmaceuticals and cosmeceuticals trans-epidermally, through the micro-channels created by the CO2 laser, penetrating deep into the skin layers to achieve enhanced results.

HyGridTM Customized to perfection

Safe, precise and versatile, HyGridTM gives you the benefit of both the CO2 and 1570nm lasers in one applicator, enabling you to custom-program the skin ablation-non ablation ratio in a matrix of the precise proportions required to meet the unique treatment needs of each and every patient.

With both laser wavelengths having their own optimal effect on the skin, side by side, treatments are highly effective, suitable for darker skin types and with a low ablation density that minimizes downtime.



Examples of custom lasing ratios

1 :2

1 :3



2 :3




A single platform. A multitude of treatments.

A single platform that enables you to offer your patients the personalized skin rejuvenation treatments they desire.
The innovative skin treatment methodology employed by Alma HybridTM encompasses three essential elements: optimal ablation for perfect resurfacing; ultimate deep thermal effect for new collagen synthesis and regeneration of the dermis; and unprecedentedly effective trans epidermal delivery of skin essentials.

Offering complete control of recovery time according to patient needs, the three treatments unique to the Alma HybridTM include:

Achieve true transformation,
one that makes people feel and
look better, every day!

 Hybrid Lift – Super renewal

Blending the very best of ablative and thermal technology with enhanced delivery of cosmeceuticals, this treatment produces unparalleled results, while necessitating a relatively short downtime. The unique scanning pattern of the CO2 and 1570nm lasers recontracts the skin to remove fine lines and deep wrinkles, and peels off solar pigmentation, while the Impact ultrasound ensures deeper penetration of products deep within the skin.

The result? An over-the-weekend treatment with dramatic results that leave your skin looking and feeling, smoother and more youthful


After 2 treatments, Courtesy of Dr. Ofir Artzi, dermatologist and lasers expert. Head, center of aesthetic dermatology, Sourasky medical center Tel Aviv, Israel

 Hybrid OScar – Scar treatment

OScar is the ultimate treatment for the remediation of all types of scar, from acne to trauma to surgical scarring. The success of scar treatment depends on the effective penetration into the dermis layer of the lasers. Thanks to the combination of the CO2 and 1570nm laser wavelengths, you can customize different parameters – including penetration depth, width of the coagulation and density – to customize the optimal protocol for each client and the type of scar being treated. Finishing the treatment with Impact, you achieve the optimal penetration of pharmaceuticals and essential products to improve the overall result.

After 4 treatments,  Courtesy of Dr. Ofir Artzi, dermatologist and lasers expert. Head, center of aesthetic dermatology, Sourasky medical center Tel Aviv, Israel

 SoftLift – “Lunch time” rejuvenation treatment

SoftLift provides refinement of skin tone, contraction of fine lines and wrinkles and repair of different skin lesions, including acne scars, with virtually no downtime. Creating a significant thermal effect, the powerful, non-ablative modulated fiber 1570nm laser promotes neocollagenesis and regenerates the extracellular matrix that supports the skin cells, while leaving the epidermis itself intact. Safe even for dark skin types (VI), it takes just three or four sessions to improve skin texture, achieve youthful skin tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines and mild wrinkles. The result? A treatment that leaves your skin feeling smooth, with a youthful tone and glow. Safe and comfortable, the treatments are minimally invasive, take only up to 45 minutes and need to be performed only 1-2 times to achieve the desired results.


After 3 treatments,  Courtesy of Alma clinic


Our flagship applicator

With the aim of fully realizing the capabilities of the HyGridTM, Alma has created the highly advanced, automated ProScan scanner. Creating aligned, focused lasing beams in high sequence, the light, ergonomically-designed ProScan has an effect that is at once ablative, coagulative and thermal.

As well as a galvanometric scanning motor and mirrors, ProScan has a cooled tip to enhance treatment safety and patient comfort. Enabling rapid coverage of large surface areas, the applicator offers a range of different scanning shapes and modes for complete customization.

IMPACT for Trans Epidermal Delivery (TED)

While fractional laser and RF treatments can be highly effective for a variety of indications, combining these with the application of active topical ingredients serves to maintain and significantly augment results.
Impact, our patented ultrasound technology, which overcomes the forces of intracellular fluid produced by the skin to deliver pharmaceuticals and cosmeceuticals trans-epidermally, through the micro-channels created by the CO2 laser,
penetrating deep into the skin layers to achieve enhanced results.


Flexible spot size adjustment, ideal for individual skin tags and lesions
HyLight applicator can change the size of the laser spot up to 4mm using a single applicator. This allows physicians to work with larger spot sizes while maintaining work stability during treatment. It is ideal for removing skin tags and other benign skin growths as well as individual pigmented lesions.

HyLight 50


High thermal effect, short downtime, ideal for wrinkles and skin tightening
The Pixel CO2 laser energy to the skin through a DOE (Diffractive Optical Element) which pixelates the beam to either 49 or 81 pixels, creating simultaneous microscopic columns of micro-ablative damage. The energy is delivered in a square pattern with an 11x11mm spot size.
This unique technology approach enables the use of much higher energy levels via longer pulse durations, creating a greater coagulation and thermal effect with minimal ablation and significantly less patient downtime.
The deep thermal effect of the Pixel applicator makes it ideal for skin rejuvenation, treating fin lines and wrinkles.

Pixel applicators 7x7 and 9x9


Non-ablative laser with zero downtime, for skin tightening

ThermoTight is a handheld microprocessor-controlled laser scanner for char-free ablative procedures that allows for rapid coverage of large areas. It is designed for use in a variety of dermatological, cosmetic and surgical applications. Multiple scanning options are available including square or circle, in a spiral, grid or circumferential pattern as well as straight or curved lines.

ThermoTight optimizes treatment efficacy by providing higher energy output per pixel in shorter pulses for ablative procedures. The galvanometric scanning motor delivers energy more quickly per scanning area than the CO2  focus applicators, for faster and more efficient coverage of large surface areas.

ThermoTight applicator

Alma Hybrid Reviews

Dr Ofir Artzi

“ The revolutionary HyGrid mode allows me to customize the optimal ratio between CO2 and non-ablative treatments and to maximize the effect of each laser. This unique feature ensures that my treatments are tailored to each patient’s individual needs, leading to improved results. I find this to be a substantial step forward in terms of the personalization of laser treatments for skin.”

Dr Ofir Artzi ,Head of the center for aesthetic dermatology - Ichilov, Tel-Aviv, Israel

“I am impressed by the variety of indications that can be treated quickly and easily with the Alma Hybrid. Be it in photodynamic therapy, for scar treatment or for skin rejuvenation. This makes the Alma Hybrid an absolutely valuable tool in my doctor’s office”

Dr. med. Stefan Sünkel, Dermatologist,, Starnberg, Germany

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