vShape, Skin and Body Treatments

The vShape Focused Radiofrequency work station is the first RF device to offer four proven technologies in one cost effective and upgradeable platform, making vShape the most comprehensive RF system available today.


Cost effective, versatile and boasting solutions for today's most in-demand procedures, vShape and its state of the art JuVaShape technology can become a focal point of any practice. vShape can give you the tools to generate consistent patient traffic which results in improved revenues and powerful ROI.

About the Technology

The new Focused RF mode allows your practice to customize applications by selecting the depth of thermal penetration for maximum face and body results. 

Alma's Micro Plasma Technology (Micro Plasma Peel) which is delivered by our Pixel RF tips, both in moti
on and stationary, creates multiple controlled micro perforation with small zones of ablative skin injury.

Pixel RF MicroPlasma technology is the most advanced Skin Resurfacing technology on the market today and provides improvement in the skin's overall appearance with a very short and "mild" downtime.


Watch this video for more on the Pixel® RF

At 40.68 MHz and 300W vShape, with its cutting edge JuVaShape Technology, boasts the highest frequency and power in the industry. vShape's dielectric concentrated thermal heating capabilities gives the system a lead over similar devices. The technology is by far the most superior on the market today.  

Success is about complete control with Alma's proprietary Bipolar Focused RF and Unipolar radiofrequency technology. 

Superficial Heating Deep Heating


What Others Have to Say About vShape

"Once again Alma Lasers is an industry leader. 
The vShape adds a powerful and efficient tool in 
face and body treatments leading to a higher 
level of patient satisfaction and improved results 
compared to current RF technologies," said
Dr. Richard Carlino, Specialist in Plastic Surgery,
PA and The Museum Spa & Laser Center, PLLC, 
Raleigh, NC.
"The system is the only device to 
offer refractive, unipolar and bipolar technology 
in one platform presenting the most dramatic 
improvements of wrinkles and skin resurfacing.
Alma has provided an affordable and powerful tool
to the aesthetic community and I expect the product
to rapidly become the first-in-class treatment for these


vShape Before and After Pictures

vShape and JuVaShape Technology 

vShape includes JuVaShape technology, the most unique aesthetic solution that allows patients to alternate monthly treatments between face and body to Renew Revitalize and Refresh

JuVaShape helps you add new clients month after month from word of mouth positive experiences. Purchasing a vShape is purchasing a turn-key marketing solution that allows your practice to focus on what it does best - providing incredible patient outcomes. 

The JuVaShape brand name is quickly gaining momentum. With extensive marketing collateral material, on-going education classes and webinars and a strong social media presence our JuVaShape Success Kit can help your practice reach new levels.

Click here to learn more about JuVaShape. 


Mailers Counter Stands Wall Cling And Much More

The above is a small sampling of the JuVaShape Success Kit included with every vShape purchase. 
The kit includes many more marketing tools such as laminated scripts for your receptionist, posters, 
referral cards, direct mail cards, VIP Event tools, letterhead and a lobby stand that get attention. 
Click here for details. 


About Alma Lasers

Alma built its reputation by leading innovation and providing unparalleled support. We're proud of our track record and have some of the best reliability records in the industry. So you may never need an Alma technician, but if you do Technical Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and premium depot service is available. 

In addition to world class service, Alma offers full clinical training at your location as well as ongoing training** through workshops, webinars and CME class. Click here to schedule your on site demonstration today or call 1-866-414-2562 (1-866-414-ALMA).

*FDA cleared for wrinkles, rhytids, the temporary improvement in the appearance of cellulite and skin resurfacing.
**Available for vShape, Alma Lasers customers only. 

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