Soprano Family of Products


Hair Removal Laser

Introducing the Soprano ICE

Alma reinvented laser hair removal with its Soprano XL and Soprano XLi systems. Now the best is even better. We're proud to introduce the Soprano ICE, everything you asked for in a hair removal laser.  

Cooler Treatment

The new ICE applicator further cools the skin by integrating numerous cooling mechanisms

Lighter Applicator

With one of the lightest applicators available today, laser hair removal is comfortable for the operator, too. 

Smoother Results 

Clinically proven SHR™ technology and In-Motion™ technique can help you take your laser hair removal business to the next level.

Virtually Painless Hair Removal Lasers

Remember no-pain, no-gain? It doesn't have to apply to laser hair removal. Alma's Soprano Family offers the right benefits that culminate in a treatment that minimizes the chances of negative side effects and maximizes patient comfort. 
  • SHR has over six years of clinically proven effectiveness
  • FDA cleared for all skin types (Fitz I - VI) and tanned skin
  • Safe to treat patients all year round
  • Intuitive and user friendly 12" color touch screen
  • Pre set parameters for fast treatment times
  • Gold standard 810 nm laser diode
Perhaps most important to anyone who owns a hair removal laser, the Soprano Family's cost of ownership is low and requires no per treatment disposables. This can mean more money in your pocket, a faster break even point and a better return on your investment. 

The Soprano Family comes standard with a Near-Infrared (NIR) module for dermal heating through uniform energy distribution, effective for treating minor muscle pain, joint stiffness and minor muscle strains. The Soprano's NIR offers:

  • Fast dermal heating - huge 18 cm2 spot
  • Easy to use

A stand alone hair removal laser must be safe, reliable and easy to use.

But the benefits shouldn't stop there.

Through comfortable, patient-friendly hair removal procedures and deep heating, NIR treatment, the Soprano can add a proven revenue stream to your practice quickly and easily. Alma Lasers supports your Soprano investment through the Alma Lasers Marketing Assistance (A.L.M.A.) program, Office by Alma marketing materials, and an ongoing schedule of training programs.

"The Soprano®XL truly is virtually painless for hair removal. We have a number of patients in the office who started treatment elsewhere and found hair removal to be quite painful and uncomfortable. These patients have now been treated with the Soprano®XL e, c and say that it is really is painless. Our patients say it feels like a warm massage and they find their results to be better than the hair removal lasers used by other offices."
Stan Castor, M.D.
Watson Clinic, Lakeland, FL, USA