Sonophoresis and Cosmetic Skin Care

Have an Impact on Your Patients

Impact Deep gives cosmetic skin care new dimensions. The Impact Deep system from Alma Lasers opens a whole new set of possibilities. Cosmetic skin care products such as moisturizers and vitamins can help someone fight the signs of aging. However, the stratum corneum is the most important barrier to the absorption of cosmetic forumulations. Our body's defense against the intrusion of liquids into our dermis is very effective. In fact, some studies have shown that only 10% of any formulation placed on the skin actually reaches the underlying layers. 

Impact Deep puts the gentle power of sonophoresis into your hands. Sonophoresis is an intense delivery of cosmetic ingredients to help fight the visible signs of aging. Often used as an adjunct cosmetic procedure to peels, facials or microdermabrasion, the delivery is undertaken using low frequencies rather than medical frequencies that typically cycle too fast for dermal delivery.

Sonophoresis with Impact Deep can increase absorption up to 1000 times depending on the substance used. This is because the pocket - or bubble - caused by soundwave vibration within the skin's intercellular lipid area are filled with product. As the Impact Deep cosmetic procedure continues, the bubbles are pushed deeper into the skin. 

Taking Cosmetic Skin Care to new Depths

  • Enhancing the delivery of topical creams and lotions helps to promote cosmetic ingredient absorption
  • Increases absorption and enhancement of cosmetic creams and lotions
  • Deep / Fast overall coverage
  • Assists in the reduction in the appearance of fine lines*
  • Brighter, more energized appearing skin
  • Get enhanced results from the existing cosmetics you're already using
  • Can be layered with your own creams

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*The reduction in the appearance of fine lines is dependent on the type of cosmetic solution used.