Harmony® Erbium Technology From Alma Lasers

Laser Peel Erbium YAG

Usethe Er:YAG handpiece for minimally ablative resurfacing procedures to treat wrinkles and scars.

Skin resurfacing, or laser peeling, is a popular procedure for the controlled treatment of many skin abnormalities attributed to age or photo-damaged skin. This textural improvement can be handled very precisely with the Er:YAG handpiece.

The specific tissue ablation and small zone of residual thermal damage result in faster epithelialization following treatment of rhytids, epidemal nevi, skin tags, verrucae, keratoses, acne scars, leucoplasia and rhinophyma.

Unlike the more common Nd:YAG which contains a YAG (yttrium-aluminum-garnet) crystal doped with neodymium (Nd) molecules, the Er:YAG laser handpiece contains a YAG crystal doped with erbium (Er) molecules, which causes it to emit light at a different, longer wavelength (2,940 nm). This wavelength corresponds to a peak in water absorption and is 16 times more strongly absorbed by the water within the skin cells.

Because of this property, the laser has been used to selectively vaporize soft tissue. The Er:YAG 2940 handpiece also has a very short pulse duration, which further limits damage to surrounding areas.

Laser peel Er:YAG Handpiece Specifications

Handpiece Applications Wavelength(nm) Pulse Mode/Depth Spot Size(cm2) Pulse Repetition Rate(Hz) Energy Density/Fluence
Er:YAG Skin resurfacing, laser peel
-Gentle Peel
2940 1-20 µm 1, 4 5 Up to 1200 mJ/p
Er:YAG Skin resurfacing, laser peel
-Skin remodeling
2940 10-350 µm 1, 4 5 Up to 1200 mJ/p
Er:YAG Skin resurfacing, laser peel
2940 cutting 1, 4 5 Up to 1200 mJ/p

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