Accent Family Radio Frequency Systems.

Fractionated Skin Resurfacing

The Accent Family platforms now features the PixelRF. Using Micro Plasma Technology and In-Motion™ refractive radiofrequency, the PixelRF allows you to both ablate and heat skin through a controlled, focused delivery of energy. Healthy skin around the treated area helps to accelerate the healing process thus improving result and reducing patient down. The result is fresh, smooth and radiant skin. Best of all, the PixelRFrequires no consumables.

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Treat Wrinkles and Rhytids the Comfortable Way.

The Accent Family platforms provide you with the industry's best dual-mode Radio Frequency solution.

Accent Your Body Accent Your Body™

With its tremendous media coverage, Accent Your Body has become one of the most recognized treatments available today. The IN-Motion™ technology heats the layers of skin gradually so as to help your patients stay comfortable. The procedure is not only quick and comfortable, it's effective.

Accent Your Body Equipment

  • The UniLarge handpiece provides deep dermal and subdermal heating of large areas.
  • The BiPolar handpiece provides local, superficial dermal heating.
  • The UniForm handpiece uses the same technology as the UniLarge handpiece but incorporates mechanical rollers to offer cellulite improvements.
  • The PixelRF handpiece is designed to provide skin resurfacing by both ablating and heating the skin.