What fellow practitioners are saying...

"As for our treatments, the patients LOVE the SopranoXL. I liken the sensation to a 'hot stone massage' and they agree."
Mary Holms, R.N.
Davis Laser Center, CA

"The SopranoXL truly is virtually painless for hair removal. We have a number of patients in the office who started treatment elsewhere and found hair removal to be quite painful and uncomfortable. These patients have now been treated with the SopranoXL and say that it is really is painless."
Stan Castor, M.D.
Artisan Aesthetics, Tampa, FL, USA

"SopranoXL takes hair removal to the next level. It's faster, less painful and patients get great results. Congrats to Alma Lasers."
Jeff Hall, M.D.
Austin, TX, USA

"The Soprano is a winner! It provides hair removal for all skin types that is as safe and effective as any of the six other units that we have used in the past. In addition, the patients report a pain level that is absent or minimal, quite a change from any of our previous hair removal devices. Because of the 'continuous motion' technology with easy to monitor temperature and heat build up, the Soprano is quite safe and easy for our RN's and PA's to use."
Greg Keller, M.D.
Santa Barbara, CA, USA

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